Thursday, October 19, 2006

Ravin' 2: Unwelcome Boogaloo

Some of you may wonder how I keep so in touch with current fads and crazes that the college co-eds are flipping their lids over, such as stuffing themselves into phone booths, keeping those pet rocks, goldfish-swallowing contests, donning fur coats and waving pennants at the sporting matches, and so forth. Well! I must admit, I have a little help from a newsletter called Trendcentral. I've noted previously that if I see an example of a fashion phenomenon more than once, then it is a trend. But judging from the Trendcentral item below, I need only see it once, as with my complaint about the raver revivalist on Dear Douchebag . Get ready to be bummed out.

'90s Flashback Hitting London

London residents are reporting stirrings of a nu-rave scene. With a largely identical roster of rock bands rotating the corporate live scene, the "indie" scene has become mainstream. This does not sit comfortably with the desire to rebel. In times of noticeable political strife, young people want true escapism—to move from international conflict, employment worries and everything else into a realm of truly losing oneself in the music and atmosphere.
Thus, this second coming of the rave scene is on the rise. This time around, it's not yet the giant warehouse raves of the '90s, but rather influences of the Ecstacy-driven era showing up in music, fashion, and parties. Clad in loud, acidic colors, band of the moment Klaxons combine glow sticks with sped-up tempos and airhorns that make people want to dance. Other artists such as Datarock, Shitdisco and Metronomy are also leading the trend while popular DIY club nights, including Young, Lost Club, and Angular Disco, are popping up everywhere. Recent runway shows paid homage to the rave era, and stories have sporadically been appearing in the British media about all-night illegal rave parties, citing that police have had to break up these gatherings that often go on past dawn. Hopefully, JNCO pants won't be back this time around.

Note: It is decidedly not all good.



  • At 11:54 AM, Blogger lioux said…

    You'd think if airhorns were involved it would be awesome. Apparently not.

  • At 12:47 PM, Blogger BayonneMike said…

    Yeah, who knew that annoying blast of air heard most often at high school and college basketball games was an announcement to dance. Also, I proudly do not know what JNCO pants are.

  • At 1:24 PM, Blogger Preworn said…

    This ain't your grandma's rave!

    The day I hear someone say the above, I'm officially moving to Alaska and befriending Eskimos and bears.

  • At 3:07 PM, Anonymous Notreallybasskitten said…

    I'm so sorry, but you're not safe in Alaska either:

    What's wrong with raves?




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